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אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) – בתפילות שלי (In My Prayers) – Video

The Israeli alt-rock project אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) is currently finalising details for a new LP.

אורן ברזילי - photo credit Uriel Even Sapir

אורן ברזילי – photo credit Uriel Even Sapir

The first track to surface from the album – בתפילות שלי (In My Prayers) again showcases the strength of melody and voice which always makes it a pleasure to discover music by a creator who first featured in 2014.

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אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) – ועינייך שקט (And Your Eyes Are Quiet) – Audio

The Israeli alt-folk creator אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) last featured a couple of years ago.

אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) - ועינייך שקט (And Your Eyes Are Quiet)

אורן ברזילי

The latest song to surface ועינייך שקט (And Your Eyes Are Quiet) was revealed in advance of an extensive tour and showcases the hypnotic vocal in a ballad in which the mind becomes transfixed and exemplifies why there is a strong fanbase.

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Cherry Coloured – A Sudden Warmness – Audio

The Israeli sadcore project of עמית בויום (Amit Buium)  Cherry Coloured is finalising details of the LP Behind.

Cherry Coloured

Cherry Coloured

From the forthcoming album A Sudden Warmness, which was released as a stand alone single earlier this month, which is available on bandcamp, is a dreamy landscape in which to rest the mind through its almost seven minutes duration.

A thrubbing singular bass note opens the track creating a tempo which stays in the head throughout the song, prior to pastel shades of electronica drift through the ears with sparse metallophone and a vocal gazing through a voile imperceptibly building the volume of the track prior to collapsing in to silence.

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Guest Actors – True – Audio

The Israeli synth-rock quartet Guest Actors release the LP  Under Those Silent Skies on the 10th of October.

Guest Actors

Guest Actors

From the forthcoming album True is a combination of melting melodies combined with an urgency of pace, giving the effect of a journey filled with pleasured anticipation knotted by nervous tension. Guest Actors are able to balance the two concepts in the almost five and two thirds minutes track resulting in a song that holds the listeners attention.


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Deaf Chonky – Frontline – Video

The Israeli new-wave duo Deaf Chonky are set to release the EP Silence Is Violence imminently.

Deaf Chonky - Frontline

Deaf Chonky

As is fairly typical of this site, as you will know being a regular reader, the interest is in the genuine sound rather the the ironed out processes of the technicalities of mastering and – as raw as it comes – a live version – on its first public outing Frontline – replete with camera shake – misplaced lyric and unintended chord change –

…music as it should be heard…

all the no-nos those ‘more wise’ advise to avoid expressing to the wider world.

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